Catalogue of technical aids

Technical aids help you reduce the physical strain in your work.

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Important note:

The texts on the website are available in Danish only. As the site contains a lot of useful information on a wide range of technical aids, however, we suggest that you do the following to locate a suitable technical aid for your need.

Under the heading ‘Tekniske hjælpemidler’ you will find images of various categories of technical aids.

Click the box next to the technical aid you are interested in and click the sublinks until you find the exact product you are looking for.

An example:

You are looking for a manual pallet truck. Click the category ‘Stablere og trucks’, then click the product ‘Pallevogne – manuelt betjente’.

At the top you will find a description of the use and advantages of the product. If you want to read the description in English or another language, just copy and paste the text into a free machine translation tool available on the internet. This should give you a fairly good understanding of the product.

Further down you will find a box titled ‘Vigtige overvejelser inden du investerer’. This box contains useful information on what to consider before and after investing in the product.

At the bottom you will find the box ‘Leverandørliste’ which is an extensive list of Danish suppliers of this particular product. The list contains website addresses and phone numbers for each supplier.